Choosing solar, small steps for big change.

Thinking about installing a solar system at your place?

Electricity from solar panels has a positive impact on the environment and on your hip pocket. Your solar panels convert sunlight into energy that powers your home, taking less energy from the grid and less money out of your wallet.

Remember that not all solar installers are created equal. When choosing a solar installer, ensure you’re dealing with a reputable provider that uses tier 1 products and has a history of safe and reliable installations.

Even greater benefits come with the addition of a battery allowing you to store the excess electricity your home generates when the sun is shining so you can use it when it isn’t.

Why Solar?
The Benefits

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Save money on energy bills

When you have a solar system installed at your property you are utilising free energy provided by the sun. So for every kWh of energy you generate yourself, you don’t need to buy it from your retailer. Plus you may also benefit from selling your additional power back to the grid. It’s a WIN WIN!

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Play your role in a sustainable future

Moving Australia to solar powered homes and businesses means that we, as a nation, rely less and less on energy produced by fossil fuels like Coal and Gas. This may be helping to reduce the affects of global warming and create a more sustainable future for generations to come.

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Less dependence on the grid

When you generate your own electricity through a solar system you are reducing your reliance on the grid. Not only does that mean you’re paying for less energy now, it means you are future-proofing against unexpected price rises.

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Property Value

As the desire for solar power becomes more popular there is increasing evidence that solar improves the value of your property. Buyers are aware that solar will reduce the cost of electricity and therefore adding to the appeal and long term value of the property.

Is solar right for me?
Things to consider

Do you own or rent?

If you own your property it’s a great opportunity to improve the value of your home and save long term on energy bills. If you are renting it would be a discussion to have with your landlord first.

Roof shading

If you have shading by large trees or buildings we’ll need to assess the site and determine how to maximise the panels. Remember to mention that to our specialist over the phone.

Property Size

Your roof will need to have enough space available to fit the panels required to power your home. Our expert technicians will conduct a thorough assessment to ensure a smooth install with no surprises.

Roof direction

For maximum performance a north facing roof gives optimum generation, however there are options for all roof types and our installers will work through that with you.

Breaking it down
How Solar Works

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Solar panels

The solar panels installed on your roof will collect sunlight and convert to electricity, DC (Direct Current).

Solar Battery

When you choose to install a battery, you will be able to store unused power to use when the sun isn’t shining.

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Digital Meter

The digital meter will track the energy consumption at your property and store data that can be shared with your provider.

Solar Inverter

The inverter converts the DC power captured by your panels into AC (Alternate Current) which can be used to power your home.

Making Solar Simple
Our Installation process

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Initial Consultation

You’ll speak to an expert over the phone. We’ll take the time to understand your needs, determine eligibility for a solar system and provide a price estimate over the phone. If you’re happy to proceed, we’ll book a time to visit your property.

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STEP two

Site Assessment

One of our accredited installers will do a thorough assessment of your property to ensure there will be no surprises for a successful installation. You will also receive a formal and final quote.

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STEP three


We’ll be busy ensuring the energy supplier provides approval for the installation of solar. We’ll take care of the paperwork in the background and notify you when it’s all done – simple!

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Step Four

Installation Day

In most cases the same installer who conducted your site assessment will be back to complete the installation. We’ll arrange a date and time that suits you and book with our team over the phone. This will normally take about a day for a standard home to complete and it will be necessary to have someone home to meet the technician.

We’re here to help make solar simple.

Speak to one of our experts for an obligation-free quote.