About SkyGreen

SkyGreen is backed by 20 years of experience in connecting Australian communities to technology.

SkyGreen was founded in December 2018 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Skybridge Pty Ltd. Skybridge, traditionally a service provider, is an Australian infrastructure and installation business which has been specialising in large-scale and government installation programs since 1999. Skybridge has been a leader in its space tackling nation-wide programs such as digital television transformation, NBN upgrades along with business and personal security systems, solar and mobile telecommunications technologies.

Having provided solar installation services for over 10,000 premises in Australia, Skybridge has established a market leading position in the category for its superior quality, reliability and safety since 2014. SkyGreen, the first consumer facing brand in the family, was born to challenge what has become the ‘traditional’ solar retailer. The growing demand for solar solutions along with the shortage of qualified installers has led to the creation of small solar retailers with more focus on sales and marketing and less on the customer experience.

What we stand for
Our Values

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We put safety above all else. The safety of our team members, our customers and the communities we work within. We don’t accept short cuts and we never will.

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Service excellence is our minimum expectation. We are committed to delivering to our promises, and taking accountability to correct it when we don’t.

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We are better when we work as a unit. We understand that it’s more fun to celebrate wins and easier to share the losses when we do it together.

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Our businesses is built on a foundation of diversity and inclusion. Everyone deserves our respect both within our business, our partners and our customers.